SNC Advisors & Consultants is an initiative by young people. It is dynamic and adaptive to the fast-changing business-legal environment. It is made up of a highly qualified team with vast knowledge and experience in research and strategy, and A to Z business and Legal consulting and Event Management. Its existence is against the background of a vacuum in the modern economy. The predominant traditional law firms and business consulting firms fail to innovate their market offering into business strategies and legal precautionary measures done under one roof. SNC Advisors and Consultants is a centre of excellence for high-quality technical support and advice to its clients. Customer satisfaction drives our quality objective.

SNC MANAGEMENT, Advisors & Consultants is an unique platform for people and clients to make it ease in search for a Lawyer, Advisor, Consultant and an Expert as per their requirement and budget. SNC Family make specializes in promoting and marketing From an Individual to a Company. We organize corporate and social events for NPOs, Companies, Start – ups, Law Firms, etc.

We never fails to forget the young India and have a special educational programs planned by us. We have a special Tie – Up facility for Universities and Schools in organizing Educational Events & Tours.

SNC MANAGEMENT, Advisors & Consultants is a complete solution for an individual, firms, NPOs, BPOs, LPOs, Companies, Start – ups, Universities and Schools. We make sure to keep you ONE STEP AHEAD.

SNC Advisors & Consultants was founded in India with Developing Sustainable Solution perspective, our growth prospects are in Europe, Canada, Australia, and America.


Customer-Oriented Approach. We work with our clients to achieve lasting sustainability solutions, building projects around their needs and values. The expression “one size fits all” does not exist in our vocabulary.

Transparency and Integrity. Our work is based on a data-driven methodology. Our culture is results-driven. We communicate clearly the technical and operational aspects of our process with clients through each project phase.

Measured Results. Our systematic, metrics-oriented approach is integrated into all of our decision-making.

Our Team

As an SME our self, we understand the significance of every action and every transaction you undertake.  We are experts in creating efficiencies within your operations that will positively impact the environment, your employees and balance sheet — because results are our bottom line.

Our team consists of Lawyers, Advisors and Consultants along with the Students with expertise in sustainability management, lean manufacturing, energy efficiency, solid waste management, water conservation, architecture, construction, engineering, finance, reporting, and marketing.

Our Mission

The firm’s mission is to provide a high quality, creative, and result-oriented legal team to individuals and businesses and serve as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of clients’ business growth and development.

Our Vision

Our development strategy, client treatment approach and principles, code of professional conduct are based on our vision. SNC’s vision is to become the best consulting company in India recognized by clients as most reliable and trusted, professional and confident consulting service provider.